Month: January, 2013

Getting a new OS X Finder window in the current Space

Mac OS X provides multiple desktops via the Spaces feature.  I use this feature all the time to keep my mental workspace uncluttered: typically I have one Space with a web browser, one or two more with terminals (iTerm2 is great), and another with documents or presentations. In Apple’s Spaces model, if you click on […]

Four Short Links: An Appreciation

Twitter, Prismatic, Google Reader, and Hacker News keep me up to the minute on the tech news I care about.  While I tune my feeds to give me more signal and less noise, popular links frequently repeat: five people I follow on Twitter link to a story, then I find it on top of my […]

Scientists: Career Change Starts Now

Jessica Kirkpatrick wrote a great post describing her move from astronomical research to a data science job at Yammer.  (We were classmates in grad school.)  She discusses the technical skills she needed to learn (IDL alone won’t get you a tech job) as well as the differences between business and academic culture.  (Peter Fiske’s book Put […]

Ideas for Improving Your Scientific Visualizations

Scientific graphics are one of the most important means we have of communicating complicated quantitative information.  Here are a few ideas for improving the effectiveness of your figures: Learn a new feature of your graphics package.  Most of us only use a fraction of the capabilities of our graphics programs.  There’s much to be gained […]