April 22, 2020

by eric

Finally starting to feel some mental health impacts–my motivation is dragging as life starts to turn into Groundhog Day.  Other parents feel the same

The sheriff of the next county over from us says he’ll start refusing to enforce stay-at-home orders.  Great, I’m sure all the sheriffs with radical ideas about their constitutional role will make thoughtful, evidence-based public health decisions for us.

Emerging seroprevalance studies are making it clear that only a tiny minority of the US has been exposed–we are a long way from any kind of herd immunity.

Eviscerating the self-justifications for fleeing during a pandemic.

The first study of that “wonder drug” suggests it led to a substantial increase in fatalities…  This shouldn’t have been a culture war question, we should all be rooting for treatments that work while demanding rigorous evidence that they do…

Estimating “excess mortality” to find potentially unaccounted COVID fatalities.

Don’t call service workers heroes while leaving them in peril.

A fiscal tsunami is coming for state and local governments.

So much for the feds “leaving it up to the governors.”  Are the red states opening early trying to avoid the massive unemployment rolls?

Might saliva give us better tests?

Get a rough haircut now, or wait for a couple more weeks for backordered scissors?