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When Facebook was Fun

It’s hard to remember, now, but there was a time when Facebook was the most exciting thing on the Internet. I was a junior at Harvard when thefacebook.com [1] started in February 2004, but I didn’t sign up when I first heard about it.  Since I had the relatively uncommon habit of reading The Crimson […]

How to Recruit Harvard Grads Away from Goldman Sachs

A number of recent articles have returned to the question of why such a high proportion of graduates from elite U.S. colleges take jobs in management consulting and investment banking.  (When I graduated from Harvard in 2005, it was nearly 50% of the class; today it’s more like 30%.)  The general consensus of these writers […]


All human activities are subject to limits.  Economic or technological trends determine the futures of jobs and businesses.  Weather shapes agricultural yields.  In athletics, the strength of an opponent’s or of one’s own body are decisive.  Creativity, inspiration, and influence play roles in art and literature.  Political progress requires coalition-building and persuasion.  Some of these […]