March 26, 2020

by eric

A chilly, rainy day here.

Though it felt awkward I sent a message of support to an old friend who is an ER doctor on the East Coast–and I’m glad I did.

Dispiriting news continues from Washington.  Large-scale stimulus passed late last night (with all the sausage-making that entails), but there is apparently still no agreement to nationally fund large-scale ventilator production.

Professional epidemiologists are dispirited by politicized attacks on their work.  Wonder about all those Spring Breakers….

New Orleans is emerging as a major new hot spot, just a few weeks after thousands crowded together.

While the White House response continues to be unconscionable, many of us downplayed the risks until they were on our doorsteps.  What is the psychology that prevents us from recognizing that the experiences of others in far away places can be relevant to us?

We’re going to take a belated moment tonight to sign a Community Property Agreement, although of course we can’t get a notary at the moment.  (My brother, who is an estate attorney, will try to smack me in the head via the Internet if he reads this.)