March 27, 2020

by eric

Our youngest started fussing off and on at 5 am, so I was falling over tired all day.  Even in these unusual times, normal things keep happening.

Not that it slowed the youngest down any!  His latest game is taking flying leaps off of the couch.  Nerve-jangling!  And a good way to get hurt.  Heaven knows we don’t want to go to the E.R. for some prosaic injury right now…

I gave a remote conference talk while the kids caused general ruckus and mayhem upstairs.

VC-funded startups are showing signs of stress.

Some cautious optimism about the slower rate of case growth in Washington State.  While we’re a long way from out of the woods, it feels… a little hopeful?  I expect complaints that this has all been overblown any moment now.

Still, it’s a strange juxtaposition as the news from the rest of the country starts to turn so much worse.

But some positive news that much faster tests may be on the way.

Seattle Public Schools is going to start “supporting continuous learning” next week.  I don’t envy anyone trying to make consequential decisions or long-term plans right now.