April 8, 2020

by eric

The depressing saga of federal seizures of critical medical supplies continues.  Take ventilators ordered by a Democratic governor, credit the Republican Senator when giving 20% of them back.

The president has a financial interest in the maker of hydroxychloroquine!?  Partisan advocacy for the drug are making it hard to determine if it actually helps.

“If [NYC] had adopted widespread social-distancing measures a week or two earlier… then the estimated death toll from the outbreak might have been reduced by 50 to 80 percent.”

The National Academies don’t think the virus will drop off in the summer.  Will a warmer planet bring back old pandemics?

The coronavirus is highlighting major racial disparities in underlying health.

Model-projected deaths are now moving in an optimistic direction–good!–but that leads to claims of over-reaction and discounting expert opinion.  It’s a failure to understand uncertainty.  But social distancing has made the difference!

The AEI has a plan for reopening the country–it requires a lot of testing.  Unfortunately South Korea continues to see flare-ups as it tries to return to normal.

At least Business Town is back again.

That reflection I mentioned my spouse wrote?  It was read on the floor of the House of Representatives!