April 10, 2020

by eric

Due to concerns that the good weather will draw people to them, Seattle has announced the full closure of its major parks this weekend.

Apple and Google have announced plans to provide automated contact tracing.

This is an astonishing story on so many levels: UW paid $125k for 100k tests via a Chinese contact referred to as “Strawberry,” and weren’t sure until the boxes arrived what they were getting.

Might the coronavirus be more infectious and less fatal than we feared?

Nationwide testing capacity before relaxing social distancing?  “Nice to have.”

Reviewing plans for what’s next.  Then this gem:

Administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations, say the White House has made a deliberate political calculation that it will better serve Trump’s interest to put the onus on governors – rather than the federal government – to figure out how to move ahead.